Each of our Care Clients are offered these services

  • Transportation to vital appointments including medical, dental, vision, therapy, banking and personal care needs
  • Friendly Visitors/Friendly Callers provide weekly companionship and socialization to our care clients in their homes
  • Grocery Shopping service provides grocery shopping with and for our clients to promote and support independence
  • Social Events, Activities and Special Celebrations are provided in order to help our Care Clients  enjoy community time with their peers
  • Handyman help with minor home repairs and routine home maintenance in support of our Care Clients independence
  • Medical Equipment loaned out at no cost and provided to anyone in need in the Yuma community
  • Community Resource information for many other services and support in the Yuma area providing  advocacy to our Seniors and their families

We are also looking at increasing the assistance we provide through new programs that will continue  to meet the ongoing need of those we serve. Our Elderly need our support and Helping Hands  desires to make sure that this support continues for each and every one who is in need. There is no  other organization in Yuma County that currently provides the free services to the elderly and  disabled as Helping Hands does.

Our Mission

Helping Hands mission is to assist seniors in our community to live as independently as possible for as long as possible in their own homes through various free services, activities, social enrichment and support provided by our volunteers. We have hands to help and hearts to serve!

Our goal is to connect volunteers with seniors in need. We do this through our faithful and committed staff who focus daily on the needs of those we serve.

Our Services

Each of our Care Clients can receive...

  • Transportation to Vital Appointments
  • Friendly Visits
  • Friendly Phone Calls
  • Grocery Shopping With or for Our Clients
  • Social Events/Activities/Senior Education
  • Minor Handyman Help
  • Medical Equipment Can Be Loaned Out
  • Community Resources and Advocacy